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Kitchener is known for its humid continental climate during summer. Changing of seasons is very apparent and weather can get unpredictable. From humid and very warm summers to occasionally very cold winters. Summer time is longer though. While winter conditions are felt from mid-December to mid-March, summer may last from mid-May to end of September. No wonder, people living in Kitchener love outdoor recreations.Families enjoy outdoor activities like going on picnics at the park, playing ball, sunbathing and swimming. Even hanging out by a pool or sauna is already perfect for most families. This is why a lot of families decide to install pools or swim spas in their properties – these are good and practical long-term investments that everyone will surely enjoy. Instead of going somewhere else to rent hot tubs, they can just invite friends over to spend a nice quiet afternoon in the backyard. The benefits simply outweigh the cost of adding a pool or swim spa within properties.

Families are leaning towards swim spas though. The reason perhaps is that swimming pools are harder to install, not to mention more expensive to build and maintain. Swim spas on the other hand give consumers more options. You can either install indoors or outdoors, depending on your preference and/or space limitations. Regular swimming pools are made for just that: swimming and some splashing perhaps. Swim spas are more beneficial.

Swim spas are great for kids of all ages. They can play and exercise at the same time. Swimming is good for the lungs and the muscles, after all. Parents need not worry about safety and security because the kids are kept close at hand.

Keep in mind that swim spas are not just for play. Studies have shown that hydrotherapy can help ease pain & tension, and can promote better well-being. Gone are the days when this kind of therapy is only applied to medical cases. A twenty-minute soak in a swim spa each day can relax the muscles and the mind. Wouldn’t it be nice to have that kind of pampering available to you all the time?

Kitchener families enjoy their very own swim spa because it caters to all members of the family. For recreation or health reasons, a swim spa is perfect. If you just moved or are planning to move to Kitchener, our sales agents and customer service staff can help you decide which swim spa best fits your requirements.