Installing a Swim Spa in Your Home

Swim spas are a wonderful addition to any home. Enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy while adding moderate exercise to your daily routine. But before you start using your swim spa, it’s important to make sure you’ve got it properly installed and have the right location for it. Make the most out of your new investment by taking the necessary steps needed to prepare for it.

Here are some tips on how to install a swim spa in your home:

1. Before positioning your swim spa, make sure you’ve got a base ready for it. Your new swim spa will be heavy and should have ample support before installation. The concrete base should be able to support a 1,000 psi load. Neglecting this step may lead to unnecessary damage to the unit.

2. Make sure you’ve prepared the necessary provisions to remove excess water from the installation site. Water from the swim spa may splash out when entering and leaving the unit. Cordon off the area from any sensitive material and use water-proof or all-weather furniture for surrounding areas instead.

3. Keeping your swim spa accessible for upkeep and maintenance and ensuring safety and security is a priority. Have at least 92 cm of space surrounding its equipment compartment and around 61 cm for the rest of the area.

4. If you’re keeping your swim spa indoors, ensure the space has proper ventilation to keep humidity at bay. Always keep the swim spa covered when not in use. This will prevent accidents from happening, as well as maintain the proper temperature for your swim spa to run smoothly.

5. Have a dedicated electric outlet and line for your new swim spa. Make sure you’re using the proper voltage. If possible, install a breaker into your electric control box to properly regulate the electricity needed for the swim spa. If you’re unsure how to go about it, consult an electrician or the swim spa dealership.