MP Force User Review

I do believe that swimming, like any other form of exercise, contributes to good physical well-being so I have decided to purchase a Michael Phelps swim spa last year. I had to go through too many illnesses to finally realize the importance of keeping a healthy heart, mind, and body. I would always feel burned out from working too hard that I rarely have time to de-stress and take care of myself, even during weekends. My friends would always say that I should take a long vacation to recharge. When I took home my MP Force swim spa, it turned my life around.

The Michael Phelps signature swim spa looks like an enormous bath tub, with the features of a hot tub and a swimming pool. I allot at least 30 minutes to swimming (with the wave tech on) every day or at least four times a week. Since it has adjustable panels, I can customize the speed to suit my mood and energy at the moment. The swim spa never fails to deliver a smooth swimming experience every time. I now have a healthier and trim body, thanks to this innovation. If I’m too exhausted to swim, I would just get an aqua massage to relieve muscle strains and calm my nerves. Regular body massage also makes my body systems in sync.

I had the Deluxe Fusion Sound System upgrade with the iPod dock station. It’s an excellent decision because I won’t need my earphones or a separate sound system. Background music is essential while I workout, to motivate me even more.

Maintenance-wise, the MP Force is way easier to maintain compared a pool. I have very little patience when it comes to cleaning so I’m glad that maintenance isn’t complicated at all.

-Julie Kwon

Stirling, ON