MP Impact User Review

I’m a stay-at-home mom for quite a long while now and you can just imagine how being a full-time homemaker can drive you mad. I told my husband that I needed a distraction that would get me by each day. Aside from my iPad, I got just the perfect thing to allow me to unwind at the end of the day. Our Michael Phelps signature swim spa became one of the most prized equipment in the house.

The MP Impact is the next best thing after a whole day of mind and body pampering at any day spa. My sister raves about how cozy our Michael Phelps swim spa is every time she visits us. We often use the therapy seats instead of sharing a cup of tea in the kitchen. We can do some serious catching up while having hydrothermal therapy. The LED lights make the ambiance more relaxing. She’s also interested in getting one for her family because she really loves the idea of having a home spa for herself and a fun swim center for her little kids.

The swim spa also helps me get fit. Being in my early 30s, my body is no exemption to ageing but I promised to do whatever I can to slow down the ageing process. I need to keep my body in tiptop condition to make me feel better inside and out. As cliché as it sounds, health is wealth, so I do regular swimming exercises to melt a few pounds. The rowing paddles are fun to use and now my jiggly arms are becoming more toned. A few minutes of exercise a day really makes a big difference to my wellness.

My three children also benefits from the swim spa. The water waves make swimming even more enjoyable. Time spent with the family is always quality time, and it’s made more memorable by the swim spa. I’d recommend it to all families who want to stay healthy and fit, and who want to have a fun family time.

-Ridley S,
Trenton, ON