MP Momentum User Review

I had no plans of getting a Michael Phelps swim spa until a good friend of mine finally convinced me to consider its many benefits for me and my family. Last year, he told me that the Michael Phelps Signature swim spa is one of the best purchases he made, and I absolutely agree with him.

We have an average-sized swimming pool at home and the cost of maintenance has been hurting our budget for years. I do regret having it built in our backyard a few years back because we rarely use it. Cleaning and scrubbing the entire pool area, as well as changing the water every weekend, have become a nuisance. We have been renting a pool pump to make our cleaning job easier but it doesn’t change the fact that it is also an additional expense, not to mention the chemicals needed to keep the pool and the water clean and safe. The entire process takes too much of our time and resources.

Among the swim spas available from the store, I’ve settled with the MP Momentum model. It’s a swimming pool and home spa in one. It allows our family to have fun in the water, all year round (thanks to the dual temperature controls). We’ll just turn on the built-in sound system and LED lights, and it is party in a flash. I’m very strict with water safety so I’m relieved that the swim spa itself has its own way of preventing bacteria from multiplying, without the help of chemicals. Its wave technology delivers a smoother water current, a feature that’s loved by the kids. And of course, nothing beats a hydromassage. The therapy cove and seats never fails to relieve our sore and tired muscles. Although it’s jam-packed with excellent features, it only requires 50 amp electrical service.

-Steve M, Calgary