MP Signature S User Review

I’ve been swimming for as long as I can remember and I was very excited when Michael Phelps, a renowned athlete that every swimmer looks up to, created his own signature line of swim spas. I’m one of the first people in my group to get interested with the MP line of top-notch swim spas.

I can’t explain the feeling when we installed it in the yard. It’s almost 18 feet long, and packed with just the right features to get me started to more intense training. The water wave speed adjustment makes all the difference when it comes to honing my swimming skills. I can do simple swimming routines and move onto more challenging strokes. Since then it has become a very helpful tool for my swimming lessons.

A lot of people would go to fitness centers and spend their hard-earned money on home gym equipment that only targets one or two muscle areas. Swimming is considered a total or full body workout so I strongly suggest that they get a Michael Phelps swim spa instead. It’s even better because it comes with additional exercise tools like paddles for rowing.

I enjoy the Xtreme Therapy Seat and Cove as much as I do swimming. Trainings are better when they’re wrapped up with hydrotherapy. It helps loosen up my stiff muscles and helps me regain my energy. Now, even my parents join me during trainings.

The MP Signature S swim spa is great for personal use, whether you’re a serious swimmer or you swim for leisure. I recommend it to aspiring athletes and fitness enthusiasts. It’s also such an excellent fitness equipment that you can take home and enjoy for the rest of your days.

-Dwayne, Saskatoon