MP Signature User Review

I only have positive things to say about my MP Signature swim spa. I was skeptical at first because I thought I could not afford such luxury but it turned out to be more convenient and efficient than any other swim spas I’ve seen out in the market. It seemed that almost everyone is ditching their pools and switching to swim spas so I caved in and got myself one.

It has become a routine for me to spend time in it before turning in for the night and during weekends, when I’m not out shopping or hanging out with my friends, I swim and indulge myself with hydrotherapy for hours. It’s actually more than a house accessory; it’s a lifestyle.

I’m close to achieving my dream body and it actually contributed a lot to my goals. Physically, I’m stronger and healthier, making me feel like I can do just about anything I wanted. It also feels great that I am able to help my friends move on from their sedentary lifestyles.

The Michael Phelps swim spa is my own little gym and party tub. I invite a few friends once in a while for barbecue or cocktails and we enjoy throwing ourselves into the water. Compared to an average-sized pool, it can’t hold a lot of people but its way more fun with all the features and upgrades, including the therapy seats and cove, the interior speakers, and exercise equipment.

I recommend the Michael Phelps signature swim spa to those who do not want to spend so much for day spa trips, swimming pool fees, and over-the-top maintenance costs. Moreover, its high-quality, durable materials could last for years. Choosing a model from this line can guarantee hours and hours of fun and relaxation.

-Blaine Rhodes, Mississauga